These Years

January 2016. 

These years are full of many firsts and many lasts. Don’t waste your youth. Don’t waste your life. Don’t waste your breath on maybes and could-bes – do things with your whole heart. We become what we commit time to, so commit to what makes you happy. What do you want more of in your life? Do that.

More being creative simply for the sake of being creative. More saying yes. More saying no. More runs. More books. More things to learn. More mountains to hike. More time on the mat. More cooking. More writing. More morning walks.

Take photographs. Write things. Wear your best clothes. Burn candles. Watch sunsets and sunrises from your rooftop. Drink great tea and find some more good coffee. Kiss in the rain. Swim in phosphorescence. Book the plane ticket. Take that class that terrifies you. Buy tulips and lilies and peonies for your kitchen table, no matter how uselessly beautiful they seem. Learn something new everyday. Listen more than you speak. Play Françoise Hardy while you cook. Learn how to do a handstand, and laugh when you land face first on the floor. Journal your heart out until you understand a bit of everything you feel. Smile at everyone – you have no idea whose day you could make.

Whenever you feel sadness, remember that everything always turns out for the best and for a reason, and that there’s help when you need it. Whenever you feel claustrophobic or trapped, remember that the world is so much bigger than you. Whenever you feel alone, remember that you’ll be holding your own hand the longest. Learn how to be alone. And whenever these words don’t help, trust that you’re strong enough to get through.

Make your life exciting and amazing. Make it something beautiful, exhilarating, and inspiring by always treating it as such.

This year, and all the rest that follow, will be amazing.

Sophia Vartanian