January 2015

Sometimes you don’t know if you’re making the right choices. Sometimes your instincts just aren’t there, and sometimes you second-guess them to death. You deny how you feel, and you forget how to really get angry. You forgive half-heartedly, which is worse than holding a grudge. Your favourite song starts to remind you of the most painful times. You feel a thousand miles away from adventure. Sometimes you wonder if you’re where you’re supposed to be.

But happiness will come back. It always does. Life is for living. Learn to live for Mondays. Learn to love every damn moment. Because you’re breathing, you’re alive, and the whole world is open for you. The mountains are calling your name, and you’re a whole person right now. You have everything you need to be happy and inspired.

You’ll have regrets. I already do. You’ll grapple with belonging and with finding purpose. You’ll wish you had hiked more mountains, danced longer, written more, kissed more boys, spent more time in the forest, gone rock climbing, woken up earlier, run further, cooked more, said no more, camped out, met more people, said yes more.

So wake up early. Start conversations with strangers. Go to farmers’ markets and go jump in freezing rivers. Find good coffee. Eat a lot of kale. Walk barefoot. Light candles. Stargaze. Watch the sun rise. Learn a new language. Get the smell of campfire in your hair. Cook. Take the picture already. Read poetry outside. Journal. Smile.

Because everything turns out ok. Everything turns out for the best. This I fiercely believe, and this I fiercely trust. Life is beyond beautiful despite any and all pain. You’ll know love when you meet it. Adventure’s always there for the taking.

So have a little trust.

Sophia Vartanian